Ajax Error Handling with ASP.net stack trace

ASP.Net Ajax is great for developing web applications. However there are some issues in displaying server side exceptions in the browser nicely. I actually needed the entire stack trace to be shown in the screen. Whenever I had an error while using Ajax, I used to get an alert with error message. Sometimes even I got notification in the status bar of the browser window. Instead of getting the error on the alert box, I wanted to get it on the body or label in the body of the browser window. Asp.net Ajax Error Handling support is already available, but using them is a bit not user friendly.

JavaScript to show error messages

Since the exception is passed to the browser from server side, we need a lot of Ajax Error Handling to do in the JavaScript. There are two events needs to be registered Begin Request and End Request in the Page Load event. PageLoad Event can be registered using Sys.Application.add_load (PageL ...

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ASP.Net Ajax CheckBoxList with data binding

I usually choose ASP.Net GridView for a column with Checkbox, but I had a requirement few weeks before to use a single column based checkbox list. So I just browsed through the available controls in the toolbox, I just had a thought of trying this control. Actually the controls is very simple and highly user friendly. To enhance a bit, I have added Ajax to improve responsiveness. Over all I satisfied with its performance, the response is very smooth and fast.

DropDownList like DataBinding

DataBinding is very simple and neat. We can use a Dataset, DataTable, or a DataView as a DataSource. Since the control is a single column based, we have to follow the same binding model as a DropDownList. That means, we should use DataTextField as a text to be shown in the screen and DataValueField as a value to be considered as a value of the respective item. Then calling DataBind() will bind the data. In the sample, I have used a ...

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Autocomplete Textbox In Asp.net

It is very cool to have Autocomplete Textbox In Asp.net for the textbox in the ASP.net. However if the Auto Complete is not responsive, then the users will feel that it is tedious to type the characters. As we need a very light weight and highly responsive solution, we have selected this WebService based approach rather than the Ajax Update Panel and Webpage to fetch the data.

Autocomplete Textbox In Asp.net with WebService

For fetching data the data is transferred from web server to client (JavaScript) using web service. So the data transfer between server and client is very minimal based on the configuration value MinimumPrefixLength. Thus you feel it is responsive. As some animations will give a better user expereience, it is purely optional and the AutoCompleteExtender allows that as well

This article nee ...

Cascading Dropdownlist in Asp.Net

There are various ways to get the cascading dropdown in the ASP.net. But the following is highly performance oriented approach. For fetching data the data is transferred from web server to client using web service. So the data transfer between server and client is very minimal. Thus you can experience the cascading very fast for a small to medium size of data.

This article needs Ajax Control kit. It needs to be downloaded separately.
Once downloaded, create a new website and select the Default.Aspx and then switch to design mode in the Web Form

Cascading DropDownlist In Web Form

While in design mode, open the tool box and right click and choose items. In the “Choose Toolbox Item” choose the downloaded AjaxControlToolKit.dll.

Now you will see a list Ajax controls in the tool Box.

Drag the Cascading Dropdown to the Web form.

Right click the website and add a web service named Northwind ...

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